Tuesday, September 15, 2009

chasing daisy

     During our initial meet-up, takumiskyline often dropped the name of a certain "Daisy". I got curious so i ask. Guess what I found out. No, its not a girls name, it's not even Donald Ducks love interest, and nope its definitely not the flower! So WHAT is it?
   As I found out, takumiskyline refers 1:18 die-casts as DAISY/ DAISIES. How the F--K does a girls name be connected to a 12 inch long model car ? Well as he excitedly explained,these are his words exactly - " In tagalog ( a dialect in here in the Philippines ) 18 is called - DISIOTSO - ( its actually spanish my dear friend ) , DISI sounds like DAISY right?" yeah right.
   DAISY/DAISIES is a locally coined slang word for 1:18 die-casts,that he stated started as a joke amongst DCPH members who went to a local bar that had an attendant named Daisy - lets skip this particular "incident" for takumiskylines sake -
    As he narrates , he is now very fond of his "Daisies" that he even called me up to inform of his latest one.
which he got from a fellow DCPH member that gave him a very nice deal ( he even got lost going to the sellers house ). Takumiskyline along with his friends drove all the way to the sellers house in the middle of the night texting and talking through takumiskylines crappy gadget he calls a mobile phone just to get lost twice, one waiting in front of a wrong house and the other at a dead end of a street in the middle of nowhere.He recalls how his friends wanted to kill him -  you wouldn't want this guy to be sitting next to you as a navigator Mr. Petter Solberg 

     After much delay, the bunch finally found the sellers house, got hold of his prized catch ( his friends got some very good deals as well ) but before calling it a day, he  found out that the seller was selling another white daisy. - thats for another entry .

      He claims to be in love with "Daisy" and even promises to show us his previous buys. Takumiskyline even maintains a thread for his " white daisies" on DPCH. Lets see how things unfold, what his garage holds for us ( i haven't seen a single skyline yet! ) - bert

takumiskyline wants to extend his thanks to his friends Joey, Marc and especially Dareen (wakoko group) for the help in acquiring this particular piece. ( the garage by the way is a gift from Dareen, he and his brother Dennis forms D @ D WORKX ( TOM TEES ) the duo makes great dioramas such as this and customs your favorite die-cast with uttermost attention to detail, they also make made to order quality shirts )



  1. Nice Impreza... Makes me think... Kuha kayoa ako ng 1/43 niyan? hehehe

  2. @ iggy-thank you iggy! takumiskyline thinks that it's a nice idea.

    @mervin- thank you for he nice comment sir. takumiskyline appreciates it.

  3. Hey! Cool site Bert (takumiskyline). My first visit here and I think I will be checking this one regularly! Cheers!

    118diecast (jackal1215/Gene)

  4. thanks bro gene, takumiskyline really appreciates you visiting.

    looking forward to seeing you here often..

  5. i like your diorama! is it a custom? nice blog you got there by the way :)

  6. Hi Bert,

    Wonderfull white colour wrc version Subaru & a nice garage.

    Is very petrol head dream place.



  7. Hi Zack,

    Nice Subaru WRC version with the beautiful garage as background.

    "Just Awesome".


  8. hi zack and kin!

    yup! the garage is indeed a custom, a gift from a good friend. I will be updating this site really soon with some new cars. I've been really busy for some time now but I think it's about time to get my blog restarted.