Friday, September 11, 2009

He's technophobic no more!

Finally! Yes finally! I have convinced this guy to be the subject of my blog. After years of creeping into other peoples blog and not having the guts to start my own, I finally found a dumb willing subject for a blog. 
   Presenting -takumiskyline- a father of two equally eager boys who influenced him to rekindle his love for cars albeit scaled down version of his favorite car make the NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R. Why the GT-R I asked him "Well , why not? I'm Asian and since I grew up seeing just these Japanese cars roaming our streets everyday who wouldn't? JDM  RULES! GT-R is the KING of the road! " he enthusiastically quips. Actually he didn't grew up around SKYLINES and he didn't even knew about  GT-Rs, not until he reached high school. His first encounter with the real GT-R was way back  in his first working years as a family man when he and his cousins usually go to GreenHills Shopping Center ( a local shopping haven here in Manila ) aboard a red AE92 Corolla with a locally sourced out cheapo header , a Nodalos muffler , lowered ride height ( these idiots cut the stock springs of the poor car ) and a D.I.Y. crap he calls a sound system to watch rich kids and adults alike test the mettle of their rides in the quarter mile. Soon after that eventual moment he fell in love with the SKYLINE to the extent he even dreams of eventually driving his own GT-R ( poor guy ) - That brings us back to why he collected die-cast  in the first place ,because - he can't owe one! ( the GT-R or any other Japanese high performance sports car for that matter ) 
       Takumiskyline as he narrates, started or went back to  die-cast collecting  when his two children finally convinced him to buy them die-cast , he did so every week as a coming home present every time he's on a day-off , as his father did to him when he was still a very young child. The vague memory of his  first die-cast was a black or dark colored car with opening doors - "probably a TOMICA ?" I asked him, he nodded to agree. As the children eventually lost interest on die-cast ( well not both children as the youngest is still fond of playing with them - he actually now collects LIGHTNING McQueens from the Disney PIXAR film flick ) he used the hobby of collecting die-cast as an excuse to release all the stresses he claims he gets from working as a supervisor for an Italian Restaurant, which as of the of writing he is not anymore associated with - and  yes his current designation is a BUM. For now he claims to be just a collector of  mostly Japanese sports car marques.
      In the hopes to live up to my blog heroes such as JDM Mike and Architect Jovet I will share all the die-cast collecting adventures and misadventures takumiskyline will be encountering, write about the stories behind each model in his collection and at the same time  know the real score about this guy who calls himself "takumiskyline".
note: the picture above is the Nissan GT-R GT1 Gigawave testing at The Paul Ricard Circuit at Le Castellet, France - the GT-R GT1 is Nissan's warm gun for FIA GT1 class   ( click here for more info )



  1. Hi Bert,

    Nissan GTR R35 come up with many track version , the spec V & many more but it just a beautifull beast.